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JDJ Family Reunion

John Devine Jenkins


Greetings Jenkins Family Members. We hope all is well. As you may know, our family reunion is coming up this year and it is going to be hosted on July 11th-14th in Waynesboro, Georgia.
Your Georgia family members have been working very hard to plan some fun events and activities for you all to enjoy.
If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the family members listed under point of contact. We hope to see you all there.
Have a great day!!!

Adults and children 13 & above= $100
Age 6-12= $50
5 and under= Free

*For families of 4 or more children (ages 6-12) contact one of the board members over the
family reunion for special pricing.*
Deposit: March 1st, 2024
To reserve: $50
Family of 4: $75

*Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE unless due to unforeseen circumstances. Please reach
out to a family member in the Point of Contact Section for any questions or concerns.*

July 11th Thursday: Family Meet & Greet
July 12th Friday: Family Fun Day
July 13th Saturday: Family Banquet
July 14th Sunday: Worship & Fish FryHotel:
Hampton Inn – Waynesboro, GA
235 Peachtree St.
Waynesboro, GA 30830
Phone Number: 706-558-4190
Group booking code: JDJ

*Please use the group booking code when making your reservations.*

Please refer to the JDJ Facebook page for more updates.
Deadline: May 1st, 2024

*All completed forms and final payments must be received by the deadline.*

Point of Contact:
Moshieka: (706)-412-0143
Jeremiah: (954)-610-2100
Chris: (706)-495-0394


Are you bringing any children that are in the range of 0-5 years old to the family reunion? If yes, please answer the next two questions.

Are you bringing any children that are in the range of 6-12 years old to the family reunion? If yes, please answer the next two questions.

Are you bringing someone that is at least 13 years old or older to the family reunion? If yes, please answer the next two questions.

3 + 3 =

Payment options. Please select your form of payment. When you send your payment, please include the names of everyone that is included in the payment. Payment will include access to all of the family functions. Please mail the family reunion form to the mailing address listed below. If you have any questions about payment, please contact Monique Mosley at 706-558-1200 or email
Mailing Address: Monique Mosley (JDJ FR2024)
3125 Scenic Dr.
Augusta, Ga. 30909
ꪚ Zelle: 706-558-1200 or
ꪚ Money Order, please send payment to the mailing address listed above


We kindly request all family members to register here and join us for this joyous reunion. To ensure we can plan and prepare for a memorable event, please take a moment to confirm your attendance by completing the form provided. Your response will help us make appropriate arrangements and ensure everyone’s comfort and enjoyment throughout the reunion.

We cannot wait to see each and every one of you on July 11th to 14th, 2024 in Waynesboro, GA!








We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

We’re ….


Coming Together, Creating Memories

Family is a beautiful tapestry woven together with love, shared experiences, and cherished memories. As we gather for this long-awaited reunion, we are reminded of the countless moments that have shaped us, brought us joy, and bound us together as a family.

In this fast-paced world, the value of family and cherished memories becomes ever more precious. It is in these moments of gathering and shared experiences that we discover the true essence of who we are and where we come from. We are a family built on love, resilience and an unwavering commitment to each other.

July 2024

As we gather for this long-awaited reunion, let us take a moment to cherish the memories that have shaped us. The playful laughter of our children, the comforting embrace of grandparents, the warmth of shared meals, and the countless moments of laughter and tears that have etched themselves into the fabric of our lives.

Together, we have experienced the joys of celebration and the solace of support during times of sorrow. We have celebrated weddings, welcomed new additions to the family, and watched our children grow into remarkable individuals. These memories are the threads that connect us, creating a tapestry of love that stretches through generations.

As we reunite in Waynesboro, GA, let us continue to create new memories that will become the foundation for future generations. Let us laugh, sing, dance, and embrace each other tightly. May our time together be filled with laughter, love, and an abundance of joy.

Our family is a treasure beyond measure, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Let us embark on this reunion with open hearts, eager to make new memories and strengthen the unbreakable bond that holds us together.

Waynesboro, GA

Waynesboro is a city and the county seat of Burke County, Georgia, United States. It is part of the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area. Waynesboro is known as “The Bird Dog Capital of the World”. Today, due to a rich agricultural base and a growing industrial community, the future of Waynesboro is one filled with promise and anticipation.

Save The Date

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming family reunion in the vibrant city of Waynesboro, GA! We have chosen Waynesboro as our reunion destination, and we believe it is the perfect place to create lasting memories and reconnect with our loved ones. We wanted to share with you why Waynesboro is an exceptional choice, especially for our teenagers and kids.

These are a few highlights of why Waynesboro, GA is an excellent choice for our family reunion. The city offers a blend of entertainment, history, culture, and outdoor experiences that will create cherished memories for our teenagers and kids. We are confident that Waynesboro will provide the perfect backdrop for our family to come together, laugh, and share in each other’s company.


Event Details

Let’s Get Moving – Activities

Exploring what to do for all age groups.
Let’s get going!

Home away from home – Accommodation

Everything is better when we are home together.
Take a peek at our home for two days!

Trip around Peach State – Transportation

Our ride to creating great memories.
Check out our ride to amazing destinations!